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I Took Away His Dead Mouse.

You would think a previously ferel cat could get the concept of catch, kill and eat when it comes to mice.


Harry, our once-ferel-turned-lapcat seems to have forgotten his mama’s hunting lessons.

He let his first mouse escape.

One mishap I can forgive.

The second, he tortured and eventually got bored. I had to bash it over the head with my frypan.

Hmm. Broken hunting skills.

Then there was the third one.

He caught it fast enough. I grabbed him and his squeaking trophy and banished them to the bathroom for the life and death duel. After a few minutes Harry yowls, announcing what I can only assume is his success in Mousy Demise.


He lost it.

Under the bath mat.


Once I relocate the now-wounded mouse Harry rediscovers his interest in play time. I remind Harry in the nicest Cat Mom voice I can muster that mice are tasty and do not make good toys.

Did he listen?

Of course not. He got bored so I hid the thing under a cup and evicted Harry from the bathroom. I promptly sent it to Mousy Purgatory (field mice go to Mousy Heaven House mice go to Purgatory. And rats just go straight to Cat Hell.) by whacking it over the head with my frypan and dropped him down the trash chute.

Upon my return to the apartment, I discover Harry sniffing around the bathroom like a bloodhound. And crying.

He kept that up most of the night. The next morning he continued the sniffing but decided giving me a cold shoulder was also the way to express hs displeasure.

He got over himself a day later when he was hungry and wanted me to feed him.

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