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A True New York Kid

As I have previously mentioned, Jo sometimes travels on the MTA on her own to school.

A few weeks ago I sent her out ahead of Chris and me so she could be in on time.

A half hour later, Chris and I climb the stairs to the train and pop through the turnstyle to find Jo standing there, in tears and a random.woman talking to her.

I walked up and, biting my first reaction to be annoyed why my child hadn’t gotten her arse on a train yet I ask what happened.

“Jo why are you still here? I sent you out a half hour ago…”

“Oh uh.. There was a crazy drunk man waving a gun around on the platform and the cops wouldn’t let me go up.”

“Ah. Did he scare you?”

“No Mama” More sobs.

“But you are crying.”

“I can’t find my metro card!”


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