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First Farmer’s Market

A family friend works with Friends of VC Park and every summer they hold a weekly Farmers Market. The kids love going to buy veggies in excess of what we will ever consume.

Yesterday, on the way home from therapy, we decided to stop at the US Farmers Market. The kids went nuts! Jo was thrilled to walk from stall to stall smelling, feeling and admiring all the vegetables, baked goods and flowers. Chris immediately announced he needs ingredients because he wants to makes “breakfastses.” Note:: last time he made something with ingredients, he made plain white bread with ketchup on it for my mother-in-law. I was not able to muscle that down.

To avoid rhe impending meltdown from a straight “no” I told him tell me what he needs or would like to get and I will gladly teach him how to cook it properly. That did it. Problem was, he wanted everything. So compromise, we must.

So as we wandered from stall to stall Chris made his requests and so did Jo. It was a good sensory experience for Chris and I was proud of him as he gently felt the peaches and told me how different they felt from eggplants and chocolate muffins.

In the end, we all got chocolate muffins, a dutch chocolate cookie the size of my face, grapes, apples, mini sweet plums, kale, giant cucumbers, 4 ears of corn, basil cilantro and arrugala. And carrots. Purple carrots.

Who knew, right?

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