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I have the most oblivious kids ever.

I have suffered for years with dabilitating headaches of unknown origin. They aren’t exactky migraines; they aren’t exactly cluster headaches; they aren’t exactly anything. But every time I get them, they kick my ass for days in a row.

So what is a mama to do when the usual medical answers provide no relief? You start resesrching alternatives.

Generally speaking I am a firm believer in the science of medicine and I also understand answers don’t always come the first time through. It can require some stick-to-it-iveness. I am also a bit of a skeptic when it comes to alternative medicine such as accupuncture or crystals and so on.

A friend of mine talked about pressure points effecting headaches. The first time I heard it, I thought he was full of it. Then during an appointment, my son’s psychiatrist mentioned that there were some studies put out making a correlation between a reduction in migraines and daith piercings on the pressure point in your ear.

Still ever the skeptic, I started to look around. Low and behold there have been several studies on just that. Some say yeah it works and some say it’s a load of horse crap.

At this point I am desperate to try anything that will even give me a glimmer of relief. So I did it. I bit the bullet and went and got a daith piercing.

My bestie, El, went with me. She will tell you she had to practically carry me into the tatoo parlor because I had just started a murderous headache. But while the tech was using the clamps she pinched the rigt spot and I felt the pressure shift in my head. As soon as the neede went through and the bar was put into place, the relief was almost immediate. If that was a placebo affect, I will take it, please and thank you!

So anyway. I decided to not tell the kids and see how long it took for them to notice.

Nearly 12 hours later, I gave up and told them.

Yeah. My kids suck.

Update: I have now had the piercing for about a week. There have been three seperate pressure fronts roll through, two of which brought storms with them. All of which should have had me on my back for three days a piece.

As it rains outside I am sitting writing this. Up, dressed and ready to go root for Croatia in the FIFA World Cup.

I have been able to function every day ao far like a normal human being.

The lab experiment continues!

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