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Power of the BaconEggAndCheese .. And some true New York responses

I was scrolling through my facebook feed early one morning and came across a clip of a man waving a gun in a deli demanding the cook make him a bacon egg and cheese on a cinnamon bagel. Immediately!

So a couple things.

Obviously threatening anyone by waving a gun is a big no-no. That really goes without saying. However, New Yorkers were more concerned about the apparent bigger offense-

We DO NOT EVER put bacon egg and cheese on a raison bagel! Just short of sacrilage.

The responses ranged from ouright rage that someone would order such a hideous combination to downright indignation at the insanity of jumping in front of other people during a breakfast run.

Well, they say if you can’t make it here…. Wonder if that applies to food too….

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