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Mama Llama

I saw a meme on Facebook recently that said this:

I am not a mama bear. I am a Mama Llama. I am laid back and chill. Screw with my kid and I will kick you in the face.

I love it.

The other day I had to check in with our clinical coordinator so I dragged the kids downstairs. Chris did alright for about 2.5 and then started the endless whining about how he waited so long. It took about 15 minutes of reasoning and whining but we finally figured out he was thirsty. I gave Jo the keys and they went upstairs to return some 10 minutes later with drinks and books.

My coordinator commented how well I handled him without losing my cool. I told her about the meme and she died laughing.

“It so suits you! You handle him so chill and even but I have seen how you get when someone threatens them. Such a Mama Llama!”

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