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It Isn’t Home Without Jo

My daughter recently spent the night at her cousin’s house.

It felt strange to hop on the train and head home with only one kid in tow, I must admit, but usually I enjoy the relief of being able to temporarily foist off one of my kids. Yes, I am a bad mom.

Chris usually enjoys the one-on-one time he gets when his sister isn’t around. We cuddle. We have pizza. He sleeps in my bed. Oh who am I kidding? He ends up in my bed most nights. But on the nights when Jo is away, there is no pretext about him jumping under the covers, calling the cats up with him and hunkering down for an hour of unabashed cuddle time before he drifts off.

This most recent night to ourselves was due to her senior formal. We wandered home after watching some Netflix at his cousin’s house and stuffing ourselves on pizza. He was unusually quiet and as soon as we got in, he disappeared to his sister’s bunk with his tablet and the DS to play video games. Our 3-legged cat joined them and I had the evening to read by myself with our kitten constantly nudging me to scratch his ears. Long about 2:00am Chris decided he had enough screen time and came down and curled up under my covers and went to sleep.

The next morning we woke up and bathed and had reheated pizza for breakfast. He was still really quiet. Incredibly unusual for him. As we head out to the train to pick up Jo he says to me

‘Mama, it isn’t home without Jo.’

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