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Summer is the Death of All Good Things

I hate summer.

Yeah I know. I am a brat. I hate the heat and humidity. I hate the frizz my hair morphs into upon stepping out my door. I hate the oil slick that for the other 9 months of the year is my face.

Granted, I hate winter even worse. But that is a post for a whole different day.

In all seriousness though, with an autistic kid and a snotty pre-teen, who wouldn’t hate summer!? They are home 24/7. I can no longer shit in peace. (Anyone who tells you that you will eventually be able to go the bathroom in peace after having kids is a LIAR and should be flogged. In public. With a wet noodle!)

I have to feed them. Seriously! They want to eat ALL THE TIME. At least while they are at school I get away with foisting off 2 meals and a snack on the cafeteria staff for one kid Monday through Thursday and 2 kids on Fridays. (If you are what you eat, my son is a chicken nugget with a side of pizza and fries.)

They fight. With each other. Right after I yell at them to stop. ALL. DAY. LONG.

And I’m not one of those moms who just sits at home by the pool and let the kids drown each other for the summer. Tempting. But at the moment I seem to be fresh out of pools. And cold water.

So. Staycation it is.

We hit the museums and parks and hike around the local lake and do all the cliche stuff. And what city childhood would be complete without trying to drown your overly annoying sibling under an open fire hydrant? Right? Well, suffice it to say, both my kids have complete childhoods.

As I have mentioned, this year has been particularly rough so I determined that this summer would be special for the kids. Well, as special as “free” allows. Thankfully in the Big City, “free” actually gets you something.

I managed to wrangle free summer camp for both the kids. I managed to wrangle free soccer clinics twice a week for Chris. I wrangled a free poetry clinic for Jo.

So maybe…. Just maybe, the good things don’t have to die this summer.

Aw hell. Who am I kidding? It will all be dead by Independence Day.

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