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Looking to the Future

Things have been a bit rough for our little family recently and we are currently living in a studio unit in a family shelter in a less-than-stellar neighborhood.

It has proven challenging for the kids to see much past our crampt living space and inagine being able to spread ourselves through more than one room. I personally fantasize about the day when I can close myself in my room and read or paint or write. On my own. In my own space. Ah.. Some day…

Anyway, that sort of fantasy, until recently has evaded my daughter. Oh, she has an immensely active imagination but trying to picture what “her” future bedroom might look like, hasn’t really happened. Perhaps it never occurred to her. The three of us have always effectively had our entire lives in a single room. Perhaps it was too painful to imagine something that could possibly never be.

About 2 months ago, I brought home some decorating books from a relative’s house. They were renovating her cousin’s room so I reaped the benefits. One of them was just about bedrooms. Jo took a look at it and was suddenly hooked. She enjoyed flipping through my books and started a new board on my Pinterest account called Jo’s Design Ideas. As her cousin’s room began to materialize, the girls would talk about what Jo would have in her own room someday. The only one not bitten by the decorating bug was Chtis. Then again, I am not at all surprised.

Then her cousin’s room was finished. We even had a Reveal Party with a movie and pizza. Jo cooed over the day bed and pillows, mewled over the paint colors, the shelving and desk set up. Chris, like myself, went nuts for the copper death star light fixture hanging from the center of a deep blue ceiling complete with glo-stars.

Now, Jo draws pictures in her sketchbook about our future apartment. She talks about having her own room, her own bed; her own space.

I am glad she is finally seeing that where we are is temporary and someday we will have our own place. Our own home.

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