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The Tribe

We are a small family. 2 kids and 2 kats. Cats. Yep. Just us.

The kids. My holy terrors. The loves of my life and the source of my grey hair and spare tire…. Them and bad eating habits.

Jo is 11. A real beauty. Seriously. A lot of people tell me. Granted I am a bit biased. She is a tough cookie. She is a dreamer and ever since she was three, she had the first quarter of her life clearly mapped out. She is sweet and affectionate and is friends with everyone. She loves deeply and instantly and has a whole lot of baggage.

Chris, my little tiger, is a totally different kind of kid. He is 8 and wants to be an inventer. Much like his sister, has known this most of his life. Chris is autistic so we all eat like crap because fixed budgets don’t generally allow for 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 2 dinners every day. He is incredibly picky. He comes with more baggage (and medication) than an airport luggage check. He distrusts on sight and has anxiety about dying and being alone. Once he decides you are an OK human, he loves fiercely. He is a total cut up and loves to entertain. His impression of a little old man is spot on.

The cats.

I love them both, truly. I promise. Some days, however I often regret adopting them.

We adopted Cuddles first. He is a big fat tom. Almost all white except his bum and tail are grey. He three years old and loves sleeping and being grumpy. He doesn’t meow. He grumbles.

Cuddles came to the ASPCA after being rescued from an abusive home. He was beaten so badly the vet removed his front left leg at the shoulder, 2 teeth and had to wire his jaw. He came to us rough and untrusting but over the months he has learned to trust and love. Now he mostly just likes to be grumpy. I love him the best.

Harry is our little 1 1/2 year old tuxedo. He’s thin and aleek and handsome. He came to the ASPCA as a ferrel but has since decided that humans are good for food and love. He is a ball of energy and loves being scratched, pet or held. Honestly he isn’t that picky. He also likes to sleep on his back with his legs in every direction. Hey. Maybe his Mama taught him that a good breeze on the naughty bits is healthy, too.

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